See Good Waves at Work

I remember the day in 1995 when I sat off the coast of Sumbawa Indonesia waiting for a great wave. It was at that point that I realized I really could find perfect if I looked hard enough.

That same day someone in the water said, "This is just ok. I like lefts more." (referring to the direction a wave breaks. The pic above is a perfect right.). What I also realized is that the definition of perfect is unique to each of us. 

Perhaps another name for GoodSeeker should be WaveSeeker. What loving the ocean has taught me is that every wave has potential. It's all what you make of it. The smallest wave, at the right time, with the right friends, can make your day. Even small waves leave you smiling.

GoodSeeker is all about recognizing the everyday good things that people do to make an impact at work. It's kind of like appreciating each wave for what it is - small, big, choppy, or clean. What's also true is that when you're in the middle of the ocean or work, it's cool when the people around you call things out. 

On any day in the water surfing you can count on one thing - hoots from people you know, even strangers, when you catch a good wave. That encouragement keeps you in the water until your arms are noodles from paddling. You give it your all. And that's a great day.  

GoodSeeker applauds those who appreciate good waves at work. Until there's a wave pool in every office, there will be GoodSeeker.