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Meet GoodSeeker
You rock? Prove it with a story

Collect employee stories to

engage and attract





Collect employee stories to

engage and attract





Collect employee stories to

attract and engage





and keep the best employees

Easily build a library of authentic team stories and client testimonials to show your values in action. Boost employee engagement, recruiting and your brand at the same time.

Build and share a library of success stories that happen behind the scenes at work. Show examples of your values in action to attract and engage top talent and customers.

Kaitlin Hurley
Talent EX Lead
Evans Consulting
In the past we relied on email to collect success stories but examples fell into a black hole. Now it's easy and we have 400+ stories to show that we're a great place to work.
KaYla Bell
Helios HR
As a human capital consulting firm we know employee experience matters if you want to attract and retain top talent. GoodSeeker helps us capture employer brand content and show appreciation at the same time.

Feed your stories everywhere with RSS, embed code, iFrames and Zapier.

Mobile to never miss a good work story on the move.
Turn approved stories into spotlight landing pages!

Collecting stories and use them to grow.

Stories are great.
The secret is using them to grow.

Keep talent connected to culture, give remote teams visibility, and personalize onboarding.  Approve stories and share them on social media and embed on your website.

Stories that convert.
Use stories to generate leads, prospects, donations ... Give employees credit when they share stories as part of employee referral programs, employee ambassador programs.
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See how it works.
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Loving GoodSeeker

Our customers are committed to doing all they can to keep teams and talent Connected. They care about employee experience. With GoodSeeker they capture stories to prove it.
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Kaitlin Hurley
Evans, Incorporated
We collect success stories to show our team living our values. Email was a nightmare logistically, and stories fell into a black hole. Now we have an easy way to collect stories, and they have a home! It connects people to the company  and gives our stories the visibility they deserve.
Kala Bell
Helios HR Advisors
As a human capital consulting firm we know how important it is to offer an engaging employee experience if you want to attract and retain. That’s why we use GoodSeeker. It’s an easy and impactful platform for capturing success stories and showing appreciation at the same time.

#Employee stories = Fuel for growth in 2021.

The times we are in call for transparency and trust. It's what candidates and customers expect. Employees are your trust reporters and their stories are proof. Engage them to help spotlight why you are an employer of choice.

Benefits of GoodSeeker?


Keep Culture Alive and Teams Connected

Show appreciation, reinforce values, engage remote teams, and build a trusted employer brand.

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Find and Motivate Ambassadors

Discover your team's hidden talents, connect their efforts to values, give them content they want to share!

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Attract Hard to Reach Talent and Prospects

Show candidates and prospects relatable stories to prove values matter and brand claims are true.

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For Leaders

Keep Remote Employees Connected to Culture

Show appreciation, reinforce values, and engage remote teams.

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For Recruiting

Personalize the Candidate Experience

Send candidates relatable stories that show your culture in action.

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For Employees

Get Equitable Visibility and Referrals

Highlight hidden talents, build your resume, share stories to get referrals!

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Give happy employees a way to tell their story.

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