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A new way to capture and share employee success stories and testimonials to inspire your team and grow your business.

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Software that turns employees into good story reporters.

Goodseeker is a content generator and central hub for good stories about your workplace - the kind that too often go unrecognized. Turn employees into reporters of authentic culture content that tells the story of who and what makes your company special everyday.

Good for Companies

Help employees grow
Recognize and reinforce values
Prove what makes you different
Capture voice of employees
Build workplace reputation 
Discover culture ambassadors
Attract talent (customers too!)

Good for Employees

Remember your successes
Prove soft skills on resume
Show your positive impact
Highlight hidden talents
Be a motivator and coach
Expand digital footprint
Boost your team


How it works

Launch story seeking challenges to gather content and inspire your team.

Rally your crew to find examples of good work that support your brand, culture, and recruiting priorities. Easily launch campaigns to reinforce company values, mission, employee and customer value propositions, and marketing messages.

 Launch story seeking campaigns to find examples of real work that matters most.

Story generator makes it easy and fast for anyone to contribute.

Authors tap words to capture stories about things they see and do that make a positive impact on your company. Name peers, customers, partners, vendors, volunteers and other stakeholders important to your success.

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Curate, approve, and enable sharing from your central hub.

All stories get recognized inside your company. You can also publish them on platforms like Slack and Yammer. Content approved for sharing can be featured on your public GoodSeeker storyboard, embedded on your own website, and shared on social media sites.

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Capture story-inspired testimonials that connect to your employees.

Give customers, clients, partners and others a way to share testimonials that put your employees at the center of the story. Get permission to share their story online. Add the testimonial button to your own website.


Encourage social sharing and generate authentic online reviews.

When you make a story public thank everyone involved for helping boost your brand and culture. Give them a simple way to share the story on their social networks, and encourage them to visit desired review sites.


Let employees keep their accounts and career-building stories forever.

The stories an employee gives and receives say a lot about what they value and their positive impact at work. That's why an individual's account stays with them forever. When you help employees build their personal brand they will help you build yours - and stay longer too!

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With GoodSeeker you can …

Connect employees to your mission, purpose and values.

Engage employees as advocates for your brand.

Help employees build their authentic personal brand.

Curate and promote stories about your culture online.

Charge up your teams and make employees proud.

Build a library of workplace stories that set you apart.

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