Collect success stories and testimonials with ease

Automate the creation and collection of employee-inspired success stories and testimonials for marketing, recruiting, and engagement.

Give brand ambassadors an easy way to …

Tap words, build a story.

Story generator makes it easy for employees, ambassadors, and customers to contribute examples of your culture and values in action.

Engage talent, inspire advocacy.

Use stories to connect employee's efforts to your brand. Capture values in action and use them to connect and inspire everyone in your workplace.

Get leads, spark reviews.

Share on company and employee networks to engage candidates, prospects, donors … Spark online reviews and give credit to your storytellers.

Collect. Centralize. Share.


A central storyboard

Create a new account, build your company page, invite employee ambassadors to contribute stories.


A rich story pipeline

Run campaigns and contests to generate content that reinforces values and authenticates your brand.


A prospect magnet

Attract quality prospects, talent, and supporters with story focused landing pages built to qualify and convert.

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