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#1 Digital Yearbook to Tell Your Unique Life at Work Story.

Easily collect and share employee experience and team success stories. Use trusted employee content to recognize talent, recruit the best, and inspire continuous learning.
“Just want we need to engage passive candidates. and build our diverse talent network.” Enable Recruiters to Succeed
“Perfect to celebrate success and spotlight teams."
“Powerful way to welcome and onboard talent.”  Employee Experience Leaders
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Capture Employee Stories Every Day

Build a digital yearbook of employee experience and job testimonial stories. Show off your great workplace culture so you can recruit and retain amazing employees.
“Just want we need to engage passive candidates. and build our diverse talent network.” Enable Recruiters to Succeed
“Perfect to celebrate success and spotlight teams."
“Powerful way to welcome and onboard talent.”  Employee Experience Leaders
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How it Works

Invite authors to answer story prompts about job roles, achievements, and life at work. The employee story and testimonial generator makes it easy to link content to skills, values, and ESG goals. Share internally for recognition and learning. Approve and promote stories to attract talent and stand out from competitors.
📣 NEW: Embed open jobs into stories for super personalized recruiting content.

Got stories?
Of course you do! They're everywhere.

  • Employee success stories.

  • Employee testimonial stories.

    Welcome new hire stories.

  • Candidate FAQ stories.

  • Team and peer recognition stories.

  • Job description stories.

  • Project milestone stories.

  • Alumni, partner, volunteer stories.

  • Customer feedback stories.

Kayla Bell
Project Manager
‍Helios HR Consulting
GoodSeeker helps us celebrate our amazing team and capture employer brand content at the same time. A true demonstration of our values.
Kaitlin Hurley
Talent Experience Lead
Evans Consulting
Too many stories were lost in email. We've automated with GoodSeeker and have 400+ stories to spotlight talent and culture everyday.
Mike Ortner
Former CEO
Capterra, Inc.
It's hard to stand out with so many review sites and awards. This simple storytelling platform is a secret weapon for recruiting right now.

People Content Everyone Can Use

Recruiting Enablement

Attract diverse talent

  • Outreach to passive candidates with story ice breakers.

  • Give employees content they can share to source referrals.

  • 10x the external reach of your careers and culture page.

Sales Enablement

Engage customers, too!

  • Collect customer testimonials to spotlight employees too!

  • Recognize clients and customers in stories.

  • Share employee stories to introduce teams to prospects.

Talent Enablement

Help employees succeed

  • Give talent and skills greater visibility across teams.

  • Welcome and onboard new hires to your values fast.

  • Help employees build their professional brand.

Build a priceless library of recruiting, onboarding, and employee spotlight stories.

Kaitlin Hurley
Talent Experience Lead
Evans Consulting
In the past we relied on email to collect success stories but examples we got from our teams often fell into a black hole. Now it's easy. We collect content every month and have 400+ stories to prove that we're a great place to work.
Kayla Bell
Operations Manager
Helios HR Consulting
As a top human capital consulting firm we know employee experience matters if you want to attract and retain top talent. GoodSeeker helps us capture employer brand content and show appreciation at the same time.
Michael Ortner
Founder and former CEO
Capterra, Inc.
These days it seems everyone has a workplace award and a 3.6 rating. Employee content from all levels validates your culture claims. GoodSeeker makes it simple for recruiting teams of any size to really stand out.

The 5 Star benefits of GoodSeeker

Attract the Best

Attract Hard to Reach Talent and Prospects

Show candidates and prospects relatable stories to prove values matter and brand claims are true.

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Grow Ambassadors

Find and Inspire Diverse Culture Champions

Discover your team's hidden talents, connect their efforts to values, give them content they want to share!

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Nurture Culture

Keep Values Alive and Teams Connected

Show appreciation, reinforce values, engage remote teams, and build a trusted employer brand.

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For Leaders

Keep Culture Alive

Show appreciation, reinforce values, and engage remote teams.

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For Recruiting

Wow Candidate Experience

Send candidates relatable stories that show your culture in action.

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For Employees

Equitable Visibility and Referrals

Highlight hidden talents, share stories to get referrals!

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It's rewarding to help new customers discover all the places where they can find and promote employee stories to build their brand.
Olivia Schwartz, Customer Success

3 Simple Steps To Start


Pick a value or skill from a current job description.

Candidates want to see proof of company values, EVP claims, and the skills you value.


Invite 5 employees to share their story on GoodSeeker.

Create a GoodSeeker campaign to collect employee stories related to those words.


Give your recruiters a secret talent attraction weapon.

Approved public stories include buttons promoting hot jobs, your talent network, etc.


Claim your FREE account and book a 30 min discovery call.

We will align talent goals with features and share ideas to that will get everyone excited.


We setup everything for you. Customized and branded.

We save your time by customizing the product setting up a few custom campaigns.


Take our 10-in-10 story seeking challenge! We'll help you win.

Let us help you capture 10 stories in 10 days and we'll double the number of free users.


Claim your FREE account to get started.

Create a company profile and storyboard that's yours forever.


We'll customize everything for you.

We configure everything and customize to your brand.


We'll guide you and guarantee quick ROI.

We give you the exact steps to build your 1st library of stories.

What if employee stories converted ideal candidates 5x faster. What if employees shared more content to increase referrals by 20%. What if employees stayed longer because they felt connected to the brand - even when working from home?

Wondering if now is the time?

Do you really need to capture voice of the employee content and employee stories to win the battle for talent? It's 2022 and yes you do.

Candidates (and customers) are looking for content about you that they can trust, and they trust what comes from peers more than your marketing.

Right now 40+ review sites shapes their first impression on whether or not they can succeed with you. The candidate journey starts with content you can't control.

Assuming you do your best to walk the talk on values we guarantee you're sitting on a gold mine of employee generated content for recruiting, engagement, onboarding and more. Employee experience stories and testimonials for employees from managers and customers are gems.

If you are culture strong and story rich GoodSeeker will help you grow.
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