Core Features

  • Story and testimonial generator

    Use different story builders for employee generated vs customer submitted stories.

  • Company storyboards

    One version for employees only, and another for approved public stories.

  • Employee storyboards

    Employees who participate get a library of related stories that show their impact.

Easily Capture Content
Invite Employees

Invite named ambassadors, individuals, or all employees.

Invite Customers

Use testimonial button to get stories from non-employees.

Run Campaigns

Launch campaigns and contests to find specific story themes.

Modify Prompts

Customize story prompts and trigger words in your generator.

Branded Images

Add a custom branded image gallery for story creation.

Experience by Audience

Uses different story generators for employees vs. outsiders.

Share Inside & Out
Dedicated Storyboards

Dedicated storyboards for internal vs. public sharing.

Employee Storyboards

Give employees personal storyboards that they can share.

Website Embed Code

Embed internal and public stories on your own websites.

GoodSeeker Newsletter

Trigger automatic GoodSeeker newsletter to employees.

Story Landing Pages

Turn stories into landing pages that drive engagement.

Custom Advocacy Emails

Thank you emails that link to social media and review sites.

Manage Your Stories
Enable Employee Sharing

Control employee ability to tag stories for public sharing.

Approve Public Promotion

Curate and approve public sharing from a story pipeline.

Control Story Visibility

Control the visibility of your public company storyboard.

Publishing Channels

Yammer, Slack, Chatter, RSS integrations for internal publishing.

Email and User Access

Use your own SMTP services and connect using SSO.

Metrics and Reporting

Story and campaign metrics and user engagement reports.

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