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Strategic Story Sourcing

Stories are everywhere at work. Here's how you find them.

Ask Employees

Invite individual employees or teams to contribute.

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Launch Campaigns

Launch campaigns with your team to find stories related to topics.

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Ask Clients

Collect testimonial stories from clients that link to employees.

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Web or Mobile

Access and publish stories from from the web, iOS and Android.

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Promote Content

Share and Boost SEO

Once you find stories where do they go?

Internal Storyboard

Give all stories internal visibility on your internal only story portal.

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Public Storyboard

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Employee Profiles

Employees can showcase talents they contribute.

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Custom Storyboards

Create personalized and shareable storyboards based search results.

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Story Landing Pages

Turn stories into landing pages with customized calls-to-action.

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Thank You Emails

Say thanks and nudge people to share on social media and visit review sites.

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Embed Anywhere

iFrame, Javascript and RSS to embed storyboards on your website.

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SEO Juice

Set global and story-level meta data and link-backs to improve SEO.

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Admin Capabilities

Centralize and Manage Stories

Be smart and strategic with your story seeking secret weapon.

Enable Public Sharing

Let authors tag their story for public sharing when you're ready.

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Require Admin Approval

Turn on the option to require admin approval for public stories.

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Visibility Settings

Let employees anonymize their name on public stories.

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Customize story generator tags, branded images and more.

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Engagement Insights

Get story and user metrics and see who contributes to your culture story.

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Messaging Integrations

Push stories into Yammer, Slack, and Chatter for internal distribution.

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Configure SMTP for deliverability and optional SSO for enterprise customers.

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