About Goodseeker

GoodSeeker is on a mission to help good companies and good employees thrive using authentic stories from the workplace and the power of gratitude.

The origins of GoodSeeker

As a CMO I realized that the content candidates and customers crave are stories where they can envision their own success. A lot of the stories we need for marketing happen behind the scenes stories. What if we could bottle them up to show people their efforts matter, and us them to grow the business at the same time?

Erik Ayers

CEO and cofounder

Our Teams

Erik Ayers
Chief Story Seeker

Erik has 20+ years of B2B know-how from firms such as PwC and MorganFranklin Consulting. As a CMO leading a recruiting function he discovered the power of employee-generated content and reviews. He also found a way to bring employees, HR and marketing together using stories. Motto: See good waves at work, or stay out of the water!

Jens Kosman
Code Keeper

Jens is a “tech-for-good” evangelist, full-stack guru and leads our development team. Prior to GoodSeeker and starting his own venture Jens worked at Monster Worldwide. Jen’s passion is helping start-ups and non-profits manage high performing local and remote teams in order to build great products aimed at changing the world in a positive way.

Jeff McWeeny
Design Master

Jeff is our resident UX/UI lead on a mission to build a product people love. He is a brand strategist and designer with an eye for the simple things that transform user experiences. He has lead efforts at AT&T, U.S. Air Force, TD Bank, NFL, Salesforce, and more. Outside the office he helps civic organizations through brand strategy and product design.

Rachel Burger
Content Slayer

Rachel Burger is a jargon-slaying writer and proud advocate of the Oxford comma. She comes to GoodSeeker from Gartner, where she spent five years as an analyst. She is an international speaker and advocate for all things Agile. Before joining the software industry, Rachel worked as a magazine editor, HR consultant, and snow-happy ski instructor.

Investors and Advisors

Michael Ortner
Investor and Advisor, Founder and former CEO Capterra, Inc.

Mike is a review industry pioneer. He brings a passion and vision for the power of culture and what it can do to fuel growth. Today Mike serves as the Chairman of Cana Academy, a nonprofit that helps bring classical education to schools and other places of learning.

Rob Franklin
Cofounder and Advisor, Founder and former President MorganFranklin Consulting

Rob is an entrepreneur and leader who helps organizations perform at the highest level. As a co-founder Rob advises the team and brings deep understanding of the challenges leaders face in telling their true story in order to win business and attract talent.

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