About Us

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult.

Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Our core crew of talented code makers and brand builders. We love our full-timers, part-timers and freelancers. Everyone plays a role!

Erik Ayers

CEO, GoodSeeker
Erik has 20+ years of B2B marketing and sales know-how from firms such as PwC and MorganFranklin Consulting. As a CMO who loved to help recruiting he discovered the power of employee-generated content, reviews and authentic testimonials to engage and attract talent and customers too!

Jens Kosman

Code Keeper
Jens is a "tech-for-good" evangelist who, as a former VP with extensive product development leadership expertise from Monster Worldwide, is focused on helping start-ups and non-profits manage high performing local and remote teams in order to build great products aimed at changing the world in a positive way.

Jeff McWeeny

Design Master
Jeff is our resident UX/UI lead on a mission to build a product people love. He is a brand strategist and designer with an eye for the simple things that transform user experiences. He has lead efforts at AT&T, U.S. Air Force, TD Bank, NFL, Salesforce, and more. Outside the office he helps civic organizations through brand strategy and product design.

Olivia Schwartz

Marketing and Brand Advocate
Olivia is on a mission to find great companies who can benefit from GoodSeeker. She has an eye for story-rich workplaces and uses social media find top employers and talent leaders. Also recognized Singer Songwriter living the dream in Nashville.

Erin McNamara

Marketing and Community Advocate
Erin plays an important role in helping GoodSeeker find story-rich and culture-focused organizations. She introduces creative outreach programs and assists organizations getting started with the platform.


Mike Ortner

Investor and Advisor, Founder and former CEO Capterra, Inc.

Mike is a review industry pioneer. He brings a vision for the power of culture and what it can do to fuel growth. Today Mike serves as the Chairman of Cana Academy, a nonprofit that helps bring classical education to schools and other places of learning.

Rob Franklin

Cofounder and Advisor, Former President MorganFranklin Consulting

Rob is an entrepreneur and leader who helps organizations grow. As a co-founder Rob brings deep understanding of the challenges leaders face in telling their true story in order to win business and attract talent.

Karl Kwarnmark

Advisor, Head of Sales and Marketing Talent Venture Group AB

Works with amazing companies and people at Talent Venture Group as current Head of Sales and Marketing. Karl provides insights on employer branding trends and global talent happenings.