What will you do with a bank of impact stories? 
  • Employee success stories.

  • Employee testimonial stories.

  • Candidate FAQ stories.

  • Team & peer recognition stories.

  • Job description video stories.

  • Project milestone stories.

  • Alumni, volunteer stories.

  • Customer feedback stories.

#1. Attract Talent Easier
  • Outreach to candidates and volunteers stories they can trust.

  • Give employees culture content they can share with referrals.

  • Use SEO┬árich stories to drive traffic to your careers and jobs.

#2. Engage & Develop
  • Give talent and skills greater visibility across teams.

  • Welcome and onboard new hires to your values fast.

  • Help employees build their professional brand.

#3. Attract Customers, Donors, Partners.
  • Collect video testimonials to use in marketing!

  • Turn stories into landing pages for donations and leads.

  • Share impact stories to introduce teams to prospects.

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