• Employee success stories.

  • Employee testimonial stories.

  • Candidate FAQ stories.

  • Team and peer recognition stories.

  • Job description video stories.

  • Project milestone stories.

  • Alumni, partner, volunteer stories.

  • Customer feedback stories.

What can we do with these story gems? 
Attract Amazing Talent
  • Outreach to passive candidates with story ice breakers.

  • Give employees content they can share to source referrals.

  • 10x the external reach of your careers and culture page.

One story has so many uses and benefits.
Engage and Develop
  • Give talent and skills greater visibility across teams.

  • Welcome and onboard new hires to your values fast.

  • Help employees build their professional brand.

We can win new business with story proof like this!
Win New Business
  • Collect customer testimonials to spotlight employees too!

  • Recognize clients and customers in stories.

  • Share employee stories to introduce teams to prospects.