3 min Intro to GoodSeeker
for Story Rich Nonprofits
Get a quick introduction to the platform and learn how to build a story bank for engagement, recruiting, and fundraising. Like what you see, let's chat. Book a Demo.
What can you do with a Story Bank?
Attract Top Talent
Use staff and stakeholder stories to show you are a great place to work.
Thank & Recruit Volunteers
Use peer stories to show how much you value their support and skills.
Fundraising Content
Show all sides of the hard work you do and impact that every dollar can make.
Donor & Partner Appreciation
Use stories from donors and partners to inspire a new wave of support.
Attract Sponsors & Members
Use stories to show the benefits of joining and supporting your mission.
Impact Reporting
Supplement reporting communications with a library of impact stories.
Onboard Faster
Give new staff and volunteers clarity on roles and how to make an impact fast.
Boost Advocacy
Use stories to inspire supporters to take legislative action.
Recognize Your Team
Use stories to spotlight your team and promote positive culture.
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More Ideas & Inspiration?

Because people are surprised by all the great ways to use them.
Because a lot of people are willing to share ... assuming you ask.
To make capturing stories fun and strategic at the same time!