8 Employer Blogs You Should Follow Starting Yesterday

  • Author Rachel Burger
  • Published May 17th, 2019

If you’re a professional interested in employer branding, you’re likely already super busy.

If you’re on the HR side, you already have prospects to recruit, employees to engage, and a company to keep happy.

If you’re on the marketing side, you already have leads to delight, analytics to filter through, and a changing digital landscape to keep up with.

Who has time to filter through the massive amount of content to find the best employer blogs worth following?

Hopefully, this article has done a lot of the work for you. I went through over fifty employer branding blogs and selected the best four options focused on how to do employer branding, and chose another four company career blogs to use for inspiration.

The top employer blogs

I used the following criteria to select the employer blogs highlighted below:

  • They had to be regularly updated over the past six months
  • Employer branding blogs: They had to have actionable, helpful articles that helped beginners and advanced practitioners alike
  • Company blogs: They had to demonstrate a unique approach to employer branding that could be replicable

I organized the results alphabetically by company name. If these resources are valuable, be sure to also check out the best employer branding Twitter accounts and GoodSeeker, a content marketing tool for employer branding.

Employer branding blogs

1. TalkingTalent | Beamery

Beamery’s TalkingTalent blog focuses on four areas: sourcing, employer branding, recruitment marketing, and candidate experience. Their blog is best for companies that have already made a serious investment in their recruitment pipeline, and it tends to be written for experienced recruiters, recruitment marketers, and employer brand specialists who want to refine their established processes.

Read these articles:

2. ERE | ERE Media

You might know ERE Media from its other properties—they also own TLNT and SourceCon. ERE is ERE Media’s magazine that’s explicitly focused on talent acquisition. They publish on an amalgam of topics, including the industry’s latest news, how to’s, and thought leadership.

Read these articles:

3. Insight | exaqueo

exaqueo is an employer brand and talent strategy consulting company with a robust employer brand job board that shouldn’t go without mention. Their site is particularly good for people whose roles are explicitly centered on employer brand (as opposed to sourcing, traditional recruiting, or talent management).

Read these articles:

4. RecruitingDaily | RecruitingDaily.com, LLC

RecruitingDaily is the only website that made both this list and one of the entries in our roundup of the best employer branding articles. It’s a tongue-in-cheek site that’s almost entirely dedicated to recruitment marketing, featuring resources on recruitment marketing technology, sourcing, and how to’s and analysis of the latest recruitment marketing trends.

Read these articles:

Company talent blogs

5. #LifeAtCapitalOne | Capital One

Capital One completely ditched their traditional talent blog and opted for social media—a lot of it. Prospects can flips through Capital One’s feeds featuring employee-generated content curated from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all hosted locally to Capital One’s career page.

Read these posts:

Not applicable!

6. Coca-Cola Journey | Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Journey fuzzes the line between employer and traditional branding. The publishing arm of the Coca-Cola company features stories about Coca-Cola: who they are, what they’re investing in, and why. Job seekers can use this editorial arm of the soda company to learn about the life of Coke’s employees and where the company is headed.

Read these articles:

7. Careers Blog | Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has made a serious investment into their career blog, which is rich with multimedia content and a diversity of topics. Job seekers can learn about the specific ways Goldman Sachs builds their employee experience and invests in employee growth with individualized stories and examples.

Read these articles:

8. WeAreNetflix | Netflix

Netflix might be most famous as an employer brand for its 2009 culture deck (which has now transformed into a lengthy section on their careers website), but employer brand professionals have so much more to learn from their blog. Netflix offers all kinds of media types—written content, podcasts, and video, of course—that shares soulful employee experiences intertwined with values-driven interviews with recruiters and hiring managers.

Read these articles:

More employer blogs worth following?

By no means is this collection of employer blogs comprehensive. Let us know which blogs we missed in the comments below so that we can consider it when we update this article!

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