The Top 23 Employer Branding Twitter Accounts of 2019

  • Author Rachel Burger
  • Published May 1st, 2019

Facebook is for friends. LinkedIn is for work. Twitter is for connecting with the world—in 280 characters or less.

In my time writing about inbound recruiting, employer branding, and recruitment marketing tools, I’ve found that Twitter is a reliable source to stay up to date with the latest news for talent enthusiasts.

Instead of keeping these awesome employer branding Twitter accounts to myself, I’ve compiled a list of the accounts I recommend you follow below. Because employer branding can quickly become a competitive field, I narrowed my selection of Twitter accounts by the following parameters:

  • Must have over 2,000 followers
  • Must have been active for at least six months
  • Must have tweeted original content in the past seven days
  • Must not be a brand account
  • Must provide insightful commentary on trends in recruitment marketing, employer branding, sourcing, and talent acquisition

I also leaned on these employer branding Twitter hashtags to help form my search:

To make things simple, I organized the accounts that made the final cut alphabetically. Followers are rounded to the nearest hundred.

The top employer branding Twitter accounts

1. @beckygloyne

Becky Gloyne

Followers: 4,700

Why you should follow her: With employer brands like Nokia, Microsoft, and PepsiCo filling her resume, Becky Gloyne uses her background to provide curation and commentary for people in the recruitment marketing space.

2. @BeckyGraebe

Becky Graebe

Followers: 2,400

Why you should follow her: Looking for an account that’ll let you know of all the upcoming employer branding webinars and Twitter chats? Graebe is sure to let you know. She tweets about corporate communication, recruiting, and employer branding.


3. @Bryan_phc

Bryan Adams

Followers: 35,200

Why you should follow him: Bryan Adams is an author who uses his inbound marketing skills for employer brands. Follow him to learn about what the experts are saying to bring your recruiting practices to the next level.

4. @bryanchaney

Bryan Chaney

Followers: 13,700

Why you should follow him: Bryan Chaney has the unique position of being Indeed’s Director of Global Employer Brand and Talent Attraction; in other words, he’s building an employer brand while watching most other brands do the same. Tips and tricks fill his feed. Take notes.

5. @david_green_uk

David Green

Followers: 18,300

Why you should follow him: David Green is all about people analytics, and his Twitter feed helps those interested in employer branding figure out which tools are worth the investment, and which others belong in the trash.

6. @jonas1hr

Jonas Prasanna

Followers: 4,100

Why you should follow him: Jonas Pasanna is a curation machine. As a recruiter for Boeing, he does an excellent job cultivating and sharing top content related to employer brand, especially as it applies to the Indian workforce.

7. @josewats

Jose Watson

Followers: 3,300

Why you should follow him: Jose Watson is the person on Twitter everyone should be: he adds a comment to every article he shares and doesn’t shy away from being authentic. He should be on every top employer branding Twitter account roundup.

Jose Watson's Tweet on employer brand


8. @hbfleishman

Hannah Fleishman

Followers: 3,200

Why you should follow her: It should come as no surprise that HubSpot’s senior manager of employer brand has a rocking Twitter account. Hannah Fleishman brings insight to all things content marketing and employer branding, along with some good quips about recruiting in tech.

9. @JennArdery

Jennifer Ardery

Followers: 2,000

Why you should follow her: Jennifer Ardery comes to employer branding with an eye for great marketing. Her tweets emphasize content marketing, company culture, and how to intersect the two to create an outstanding global brand.

10. @JohnSumser

John Sumser

Followers: 29,800

Why you should follow him: John Sumser is a principal analyst for HRExaminer who takes his eye for HR trends and takes them to his Twitter. His feed is filled with must-read articles, relevant retweets, and mindful commentary.

11. @KyleLagunas

Kyle Lagunas

Followers: 3,600

Why you should follow him: Kyle Lagunas is one smart cookie: he’s IDC’s research director for talent acquisition and engagement. His tweets are largely a commentary on the workplace—both on how it is and how it should be.

Kyle Lagunas' tweet on resourcing employees


12. @media2knight

Audra Knight

Followers: 6,000

Why you should follow her: Audra Knight is both a practicing recruitment marketer and a thought leader when it comes to attracting talent. She regularly tweets out content from Workology and FistfulofTalent and sprinkles in some of her own takes in gif form.

13. @MeghanMBiro

Meghan M. Biro

Followers: 141,000

Why you should follow her: Meghan Biro is the CEO of TalentCulture, a website dedicated to content about the intersection of talent and culture. Her tweets aren’t just promotional, however. Biro carefully selects what she shares from around the web, and each article is worth the read.

14. @michelleMsmith9

Michelle M. Smith

Followers: 2,200

Why you should follow her: Michelle Smith is best known for her articles on LinkedIn, where she writes about employee engagement and leadership, but she’s popular on Twitter too. Her tweets range from insights on employer branding to uplifting quotes, all well worth a follow.

15. @shannonsmedstad

Shannon Smedstad

Followers: 5,500

Why you should follow her: If you’re looking for a career in recruitment marketing, be sure to check out Shannon Smedstad’s feed. She posts about brands hiring for employer brand specialists along with articles on how to get the job done right.

Shannon Smedstad's hot takes on how to hire hourly employees


16. @sharlyn_lauby

Sharlyn Lauby

Followers: 33,200

Why you should follow her: Sharlyn Lauby is the owner and author of HR Bartender, a prolific blog dedicated to better management and better workplaces. Her tweets largely focus on what she’s published on her blog, with exceptions for promoting her content on other sites.

17. @Shyamantab

Shyamanta Baruah

Followers: 8,800

Why you should follow him: Know who is killing it in employer branding for management consulting? Deloitte. Shyamanta Baruah may very well be the reason why. The articles he curates for his feed are a direct reflection of how Deloitte has been developing their brand.

18. @StacyZapar

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Followers: 40,400

Why you should follow her: It was impossible to create this list without Stacy Zapar. Her tweets are mostly her own musings on recruiting, aided with cute gifs or relevent retweets. She’s funny, thoughtful, and definitely worth a follow.

19. @StuartGHazell

Stuart Hazell

Followers: 2,200

Why you should follow him: Stuart Hazell is IBM’s Global Employer Brand Manager. His tweets are a mix of employer branding hot takes, thoughts on increasing diversity, and musing on soccer (football to him), especially when it comes to Tottenham.

Stuart Hazell walking the talk with employer brand


20. @TheHRBuddy

Nisha Raghavan

Followers: 13,600

Why you should follow her: Nisha Raghavan is living proof that social campaigns work for employer brands—just look at what she’s been able to do for the American Heart Association. Follow her for tips and tricks on how to replicate her success.

21. @thewarfortalent

James Ellis

Followers: 5,300

Why you should follow him: James Ellis is the host of The Talent Cast, a worthwhile podcast in employer branding and recruiting. His tweets are humorous, insightful, and clearly written by James himself.

22. @winnie_chily

René Paparusso

Followers: 14,600

Why you should follow him: René Paparusso comes at employee engagement at an interesting angle: help employees find fulfillment and market your brand as a company that can do so. His tweets range from motivational quotes to articles on how to do just that.

Want more of the top people to follow for employer branding?

Naturally, we had a 23rd account we wanted to add to this list:

23. @hellogoodseeker


Followers: 2,900

Why you should follow us: We’ve curated the top people to follow on these handy lists: Top Employer Branding (the 22 accounts featured here) and Finalists: Employer Brand (the 111 accounts that were selected as finalists). Our tweets are all about recruitment marketing and employer branding—be sure to follow us once you’re done with this article!

Are there accounts we should have included in our roundup that we missed? Tell us on Twitter or leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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