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Attract Talent and Donors with Impact Stories.

  • Volunteer impact stories

    Donor appreciation stories

    Job description stories

    Volunteer FAQ stories

    Partner impact stories

  • Staff success stories

    Values in action stories

    Volunteer FAQ stories

    Program impact stories

    Sponsor impact stories

Story Seeking Campaigns
Collect stories that align with your mission, goals, job roles, volunteer skills, etc. Turn campaigns in contests.
Give and Get Stories with Ease
Your team can publish stories and name volunteers, request stories from partners, etc. Collect from your website too.
Job and Skills Spotlight Pages
Promote the skills and roles you need to succeed. Show volunteers the impact they will make and skills they will master.
Sponsor Impact Spotlight Pages
Create and promote pages for sponsors to show the impact of employee volunteers. Boost CSR and ESG reporting.

What can you do with
Stories like this?

Scalable Story Collection

For teams wearing many hats

Spend less time to collect more stories.

Align stories with mission, values, goals.

A central story bank to never forget.

Works with existing donation tools.

Engage Stakeholders

Spotlight skills and impact

Recognize volunteer skills and talents.

Spotlight sponsors and partner impact.

Invite donors to share their "why" stories.

Turn ambassadors into story seekers.

Inspire Greater Giving

Turn stories into donation pages

Expand visibility into new donor pools.

Keep existing donors warm eager to give.

Show donors how wise you are with funds.

Show sponsors the benefits of involvement.

Attract Volunteers

Peer content they can trust

Show them how to make an impact fast.

Promote the skills you want to attract.

Differentiate your volunteer experience.

Use stories to promote open jobs.

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