Embed GoodSeeker Everywhere

Story builder. Make it easy for people to submuit stories on your own website, redirect to it from a button, etc.

Published stories.
Campaigns, spotlights pages can be embedded on your site using iFrame, Javascript, or RSS.

1. The Story Builder

There are many ways for people to submit stories. At buttons to you website, links in email footers, QR codes at events, mentions in your newsletter, posters on your wall, etc. Below are some examples linking from you site.


Add a button on your site that redirects to any story builder page.
Redirect to GoodSeeker


Use a button to trigger a modal on your site. (See Integrations)


Embed a story builder page directly on your website using an iframe.
Add Builder to Your Page

2. Embed Story Boards

There are many ways to promote stories. Include them in newsletters, company socials, and encourage sharing of advocacy pages. Below you will see three options for embedding storyboards on your website or intranet. Contact your account rep for assistance.

Example: iFrame

An admin can access embed code options for every storyboard, spotlight or campaign page. One option is iFrame. You have the option to include the header, story tags, and the style of how they open to read more. This is the fastest way to add GoodSeeker to your site.

Example: Stylized RSS

Every storyboard has the option to copy RSS. Many intranets and CMS platforms offer RSS widgets that offer basic styling. RSS code can also be stylized with 3rd party tools and embedded into your site. RSS styling tools we love are below. What you see was created with Elfsight.

Example: JavaScript

Every storyboard can also be embedded using JavaScript. This gives you more control of the look of your storyboard. It also requires more technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. If you need help with this option please contact our team.