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Story Seeking Campaigns
Collect stories that align with your mission, goals, job roles, volunteer skills, etc. Turn campaigns in contests.
Give and Get Stories with Ease
Your team can publish stories and name volunteers, request stories from partners, etc. Collect from your website too.
Job and Skills Spotlight Pages
Promote the skills and roles you need to succeed. Show volunteers the impact they will make and skills they will master.
Sponsor Impact Spotlight Pages
Create and promote pages for sponsors to show the impact of employee volunteers. Boost CSR and ESG reporting.

We Collect Stories For You.

You're busy delivering your mission. You get our software and services to help collect stories and turn them into content you can use everywhere.
Email Outreach

We run email campaigns and reminders to kindly ask your contacts to share a story. Sent using your email or ours. Bottom line, leave follow ups to us.

Social Outreach

You give us names and we engage with them on your behalf. We invite them to share their story through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, etc.

Direct Mail

We offer recurring or event based direct mail campaigns to invite alumni, volunteers, donors and members to share a story using QR codes or phone.

Onsite Signage

Posters, business cards, table tents, and other signage can be created for on-location QR code visibility for story collecting campaigns.

Story by Phone

We invite people to talk to us on the phone or leave their voicemails that we transcribe, edit, and get approval before submitting to you.

Story Discovery

We set up recurring interview sessions with leaders and others you select to ask questions, uncover stories, and write them on their behalf.

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