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Engage your team and grow your business using employee success stories that happen every day at work.

If your organization needs to attract quality talent, convert more prospects, and authenticate its culture, GoodSeeker’s content creation platform will get you the stories you need to stand out.

Change the way you build your brand.


Invest in employee appreciation
Use mission, vision, purpose, and values to create an irresistable culture of retention and engagement.

Get authentic stories
Collect content about positive experiences with your company from your employees and customers.

Attract marketing & HR leads
Capitalize on your stories with SEO-optimized landing pages to capture prospects and candidates.

Notable Testimonials

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160+ brand-boosting stories!

Improve the process for capturing and celebrating success stories
Our old way of collecting employee content was a logistical nightmare. We used email and stories fell into a black hole.

After GoodSeeker
Every month, Evans collects stories of our team living our culture and values. Now we have an easy way to collect stories, and they have a home so they’re not forgotten! It helps people connect with the company and gives stories the visibility they deserve.

Kaitlin Hurley, Team Engagement Specialist
Evans Incorporated
Washingtonian Best Place to Work

Thumbs-up from top HR consultants

Companies serious about employee engagement need GoodSeeker
As a human capital consulting firm, we know how important it is to provide an engaging employee experience if you want to attract and retain top talent. That’s why we use GoodSeeker. It’s an easy and impactful platform for capturing employee success stories and showing how much we appreciate colleagues.

Kayla Dineen, Lead Project Manager
Helios HR
SmartCEO’s Culture Award

Kayla Helios
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"A breakthrough"

Online reviews aren't going away
We [Capterra] were the first website - other than Amazon of course - to publish business software reviews. A big focus early on was HR-related solutions, so I’ve seen everything.

It's the ONLY tool authenticates and amplifies employee experience simultaneously.
What excited me about GoodSeeker was the mission and realizing that there was no category to put it into. It’s a breakthrough that brings HR, marketing, and employees together. For a company that wants to be talent magnet, GoodSeeker needs to be on your radar.

Michael Ortner, Former Capterra CEO
Capterra sold to Gartner in 2015
Entrepreneur Top Company Cultures

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It’s hard to stand out when third-party and peer-generated content is trusted more than your website. You need engaged employees to tell their work stories.

It’s time to rethink the kind of content you need for marketing and recruiting. Sure, you have an amazing careers page with values front and center, but competitors say the same thing with a different spin. Lots of "thought-leadership," but prospects are tired of white papers. Not to mention, everyone has an award for something!

Employee-generated success stories and testimonials are untapped strategic assets. They’re free and happen everyday. Bottle them up at scale with GoodSeeker.

When employees overcome hurdles, execute values, and work together, your business moves forward. Their small successes drive your growth. Sharing success stories boosts engagement and the employee experience. It’s also great content to attract candidates and customers who want see their own success in the stories you share.


Feature highlights



GoodSeeker was designed with ease in mind. Stakeholders simply tap words to capture stories about the things they see and do that make a positive impact on your company. Meaning is embedded into each published story.



Encourage employee advocacy and increase authentic online reviews with targeted story curation. Be sure to thank authors and tagged individuals; it only takes one click to share your brand story on their social networks. GoodSeeker also encourages employees to leave positive reviews on relevant site.


Use GoodSeeker as an internal content curator or to attract attention from prospects and candidates. Administrators can feature approved content on GoodSeeker profile, their own website, and on social media. Toggle individual stories to be public, internal, or private.

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