It’s great to be able to share positive stories, fairly quickly with the entire company.
The emotion tagging provides a way to express feelings without having to think too hard.
Easier to recognize colleagues, the ability to tag people and phrases with just a click is great.
It’s nice to have a central way to see what people have said. Lots and lots of stories. Our feel good place.
The tech support/customer service is fantastic. I really appreciate how responsive GoodSeeker are to any questions!
I love the idea of recognizing colleagues and being able to capture your added value to build your brand.
While some platforms describe themselves as being user-friendly, I think GoodSeeker could describe itself as being user-community-friendly. We ALL benefit from it, and it gives us a simple, yet very valuable and important, way in which to celebrate each other as individuals and our community as a whole.
I like the idea that it’s a way to recognize your peers, make a memorable contribution to the story, and build your brand. I like looking back at stories and reading what people have to say. Makes me feel more connected to the organization.