Turn your no-BS commitment to culture into the only content you need to grow your business.

You walk the talk, we help you prove it!

It’s hard to stand out when third-party and peer-generated content is trusted more than your website. You need employees to tell their good work story.

It’s time to rethink the kind of content you need for marketing and recruiting. Sure, you have an amazing careers page with values front and center, but competitors say the same thing with a different spin. Lots of "thought-leadership," but prospects are tired of white papers. Not to mention, everyone has an award for something!

Employee-generated success stories and testimonials are untapped strategic assets. They’re free and happen everyday. Bottle them up at scale with GoodSeeker.

When employees overcome hurdles, execute values, and work together, your business moves forward. Their small successes drive your growth. Sharing success stories boosts engagement and the employee experience. It’s also great content to attract candidates and customers who want see their own success in the stories you share.


160+ Brand Boosting Stories!

Every month, Evans collects stories of our team living our culture and values. The old way of using email was a nightmare logistically, and stories fell into a black hole. Now we have an easy way to collect stories, and they have a home so they’re not forgotten! It helps people connect with the company and gives stories the visibility they deserve.

Kaitlin Hurley, Team Engagement Specialist
Evans Incorporated - Award-winning Workplace


I've seen a lot of workplace solutions focused on marketing nad HR. What excited me about GoodSeeker was the mission and realizing that there was no category to put it into. It’s a breakthrough that brings HR, marketing, and employees together. For a company that wants to be talent magnet, GoodSeeker needs to be on your radar.

Mike Ortner, Review Industry Pioneer
Founder, Capterra - Award-winning Workplace


A Few Big Benefits of GoodSeeker


Boost Employee Experience
Increase employee and customer connection to your mission, vision, purpose and values.


A Steady Stream of Content
Increase the volumne of trusted employer brand content, testimonials, and employee reviews.


Candidate and Customer Leads
Attract passive candidates and prospects who engage with the SEO-optimized stories you share.

Three of 20+ Awesome Features

Story generator makes it easy for anyone to contribute in a meaningful way.

Authors tap words to capture stories about things they see and do that make a positive impact on your company. Name peers, customers, volunteers, etc.


Curate and approve employee submitted stories for social sharing.

All stories get recognized inside your company. Feature approved content on your public GoodSeeker storyboard, your own website, and social media.


Encourage employee advocacy and increase authentic online reviews.

Thank everyone involved for helping boost your brand and culture. One click to share on their social networks. Encourage them to leave reviews.

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You’re Invited.

We invite five companies a week to our preferred trial program. It’s more than a free trial.

Get access to all features - even thing’s others have not seen yet! Invite unlimited users and create unlimited stories. You also get a dedicated success team that includes the CEO. And a guarantee. If you don’t capture 20 or more stories during the trial, keep up to 20 active accounts at no cost for a year. There’s no risk. No obligation.

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