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Every organization needs to show who and what makes work matter right now. Employee are making a difference behind the scenes and on the font lines. Our free plan is an easy way to show the heart and soul of your culture and brand.
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1. Claim your FREE storyboard

Start by creating your account. Employees will connect with a work email.

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Engage Candidates Faster
Request stories from employees. Send to candidates to show them what success looks like.

3. Invite authors

Invite individuals tor groups to signup and post their own examples of your values and brand in action.

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Tons of Story Leads
Increase eyes and ears looking for valuable content. Build an evergreen library to keep calendars fresh.

5. Invite customers

Create a storyboards to collect testimonial stories from clients, partners, members, etc.

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7. Boost employee experience

Give them a library of stories to show what they value, highlight hidden talents, and see contributions to culture and your brand.

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2. We'll brand it for you

Book a time with our team to customize your account for you.

Increase Team Performance
Make sure the organization sees your team's positive impact, and build demand for their talents.
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4. Launch a campaign

Have fun and launch a contest to find stories related to timely topics, company values, themes, etc.

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Content to Open New Doors
Launch story contests to find examples of service differentiators. Share them with prospects.

6. Reinforce your brand

Embed stories on your website, careers page, social media, send to candidates, customers, etc.

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