Let's think. What could you do with a platform that turns employees and customers into reporters of the good stuff that rarely gets captured?

Capture success stories at scale to gain a competitive advantage.
Boost employer value propositions with examples that reinforce what you value most.
Prove marketing and recruiting claims to increase trust and attract prospects and candidates.
Engage happy employees and customers to spread the word.
Make it easy for customers to share their positive experiences with your culture in action.

HR and Recruiting

  • Increase cultural alignment.
  • Boost employee engagement.
  • Reinforce your EVP internally and publicly.
  • Align new hires with your values faster.
  • Steady flow of content for internal comms.
  • Strengthen workplace award submissions.
  • Wow passive and active job candidates. (BIG)
  • Fill company social media accounts.
  • Add story links to job postings.
  • Inspire positive employee posts on review sites.
  • Post as company updates on review sites.
  • Get employees to share with their networks.
  • Link job postings to promoted stories.
  • Find your true culture ambassadors.

Marketing and Sales

  • Boost SEO and online visibility.
  • Fill social media calendar with human interest.
  • Give leaders content to share. No more excuses.
  • Uncover PR opportunities from everywhere.
  • Identify case study leads for promotion.
  • Easy access to shareable content for employees.
  • Provide proof of differentiation and value props.
  • Add into client proposals and sales pitches.
  • Keep clients feeling good about your culture.
  • Open doors with skeptical prospects.
  • Increase customer and stakeholder loyalty.
  • Share testimonials everywhere.
  • Identify best employee brand ambassadors.
  • Turn customers into promoters of your brand.