Good Things Start with a Pilot

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Sign up and claim your company profile. Let us show you around with a demo and then invite a small crew to try it out for a couple weeks. No credit card required.

Unlock the magic with a pilot.
We bill based on the number of employees you think will be active each month. But there's no need to guess. Launch a no-obligation pilot to see the platform's full potential, and to lock-in pricing that's right for you.


Sample of Features Included

  • Pilot launch support
  • Communication templates
  • Getting started webcasts
  • Unlimited admin training
  • SSO available
  • Customize story generator
  • Publish in Slack or Yammer
  • RSS for internal stories
  • Built-in newsletter
  • Usage and user reporting
  • Run internal campaigns
  • Turn on/off public sharing
  • Turn on/off public page
  • RSS for public stories
  • Add a custom gallery
  • Promote review sites
  • Accept testimonials
  • Embed testimonial button
  • Online technical support
  • Access to all new features