Our Story Roots

"Most organizations are formed with good intentions and a vision to help someone solve a problem. The ones that stay true deserve a boost."

Build your business with story proof.

Companies are discovering that their reputation is being shaped by a large number of online review sites, and high expecations for transparency. What candidates and prospects find on those sites is valuable, but rarely tells the whole story about who and what makes an organization special. GoodSeeker is a good story seeking platform for work. We give organizations a new way to generate and promote authentic workplace stories and stakeholder testimonials at scale for employee engagement, employer branding, and marketing.

Marketing meets HR, and everyone wins!

"As a CMO I started to realize that the content people really appreciate are stories that they can see themselves in. Those are the behind the scenes stories, and the everyday stories that rarely get captured and shared. What if we could bottle them up and use them to make people feel good about their work, and to build the business at the same time? This is the question that sparked the beginning of GoodSeeker."

Erik Ayers, CEO and cofounder


Our Crew


Erik Ayers
Chief Story Seeker

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Jens Kosman
Code Keeper

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Kate Glenn
Story Steward