Our Story Roots

"Most organizations are formed with a vision to help someone solve a problem or find relief. Bad intent is rarely on the list of guiding values."


We are on a mission to give good work, and the people and organizations who make it happen, the visibility they deserve. GoodSeeker makes it easy to capture, share and promote positive workplace stories and stakeholder testimonials at scale. Inspire your team and build your repuation and brand at the same time. If we do it right, everyone wins.

Why Good?

Let's be honest. Lots of good stuff adds up to greatness. Companies who realize and applaud this deserve to win. And the people who make it happen deserve recognition and opportunity to reach their full potential. We can do better. In one survey 87 percent said, "It's very important to recognize the small things." 90 percent said, "I wish it happened a lot more."


Our GoodSeeker Crew


Erik Ayers
Chief Story Seeker and Cofounder

jens round blue 200.png

Jens Kosman
Code Keeper and Fun Guy

rob round 200.png

Rob Franklin
Story Spotter and Cofounder

kate orange circle 200.png

Kate Glenn
Story Steward and Ambassador