If you had tons everyday good stories related to:


You could use them in countless ways to build and promote a high performing work culture.

HR and Recruiting

  • Increase employee engagement.
  • A new way to send a coaching message.
  • Improve onboarding effectiveness.
  • Deed stories into office monitors.
  • More content for internal communications.
  • Wow passive and active candidates.
  • Feed into company social media accounts.
  • Put story links in job postings to highlight EVP.
  • Prompt good posts on employer review sites.
  • Post as company updates on review sites.
  • Boost quality employee referral activity.
  • Link job postings to promoted stories.
  • Find your true culture ambassadors.

Marketing and Sales

  • Easily fill social media calendars
  • Identify case study leads.
  • Give employees approved content to share.
  • Promote differentiation and value props.
  • Add into proposals and pitches.
  • Keep your clients connected to your culture.
  • Open doors with skeptical prospects.
  • Increase customer and stakeholder loyalty.
  • Boost SEO and online visibility.
  • Improve workplace award submissions.
  • Identify true employee brand ambassadors.
  • Turn clients and friends culture promoters.

Stories about what?

True camaraderie

Team progress

Group achievements

Unsung work hereos

Small victories

Project milestones

Interns crushing it


Best practices

Case studies

Volunteer impact

Your clients' success

Mentorship moments

Customer service

Winning new business

Good partnerships

Values at work

Walking the talk