Erik Ayers, Founder and CEO
Hometown, Virginia Beach, VA

Lessons from Building GoodSeeker.

#1. Employee content is gold

Stories about employees making an impact are priceless for engagement, recruiting, etc. An untapped asset.

#2. It's harder to stand out

Every decent company has an award for something. Even good reviews don't tell the full story. Stories are brand proof!

#3. There's a teacher in us all

Asking people to share stories about their work and why it matters makes them feel more valued and connected.

#4. Curious leaders inspire me

Building a new product in a new category is hard. You've got to find curious leaders who like the idea of being first.

I'm excited to meet anyone open to exploring how stories can be used as a tool to shape culture, attract the right talent, and stand out from competitors.


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Topics of interest.

Talent Attraction:
What works best to attract the right talent to your unique culture?
Talent and Volunteer Attraction
What works best to attract the right talent to your mission?
Wellbeing & Engagement:
How can we help people feel better about the impact of their work?
Story Strategy:
How can employee stories be used as a strategic growth tool?

Tips I like to share.

Because people are surprised by all the great ways to use them.
Because a lot of people are willing to share ... assuming you ask.
To make capturing stories fun and strategic at the same time!

Wall of thanks 👍

I owe much of our progress and learning to leaders who have shared their vision, feedback, and ideas to help us build GoodSeeker.
Stephen Schwartz
LION Group
A thoughtful leader, and early adopter who believed in our vision.
Jack Moore
Managing Partner
Evans Consulting
Had a vision for what stories could do and gave us a chance!
Serge Boudreau
Podcast Host a& Creator
The Recruitment Flex
Just saying ... the best ideas come from Canada. Serge delivers!
Lesley DeWitt
Recruitment Marketing Specialist
Morley Companies
Incredible feedback and ideas that have shaped the platform.
Michael Ortner
Invaluable direction that has shaped our focus and product.
Lori Sylvia
Founder and CEO
Rally® Recruitment Marketing
Has helped us focus on a big benefit for marketers, scale and time savings!
Kayla (Dineen) Bell
Dir of Sales & Operations
Helios HR
Gave us a big opportunity to pilot in our earliest days. Forever thankful.
Samantha Sanders
IT Recruiter and Author
Mission Box Solutions
Helping enhance GoodSeeker to be great for client testimonial stories.
Susy Martins
Founder & CEO
Invaluable feedback how to craft our message to leaders.
Karl Kwarnmark
Head of Sales & Marketing
Talent Venture Group
One of the first to see a prototype and point us in the right direction.
Shelley Billinghurst
Hire Value, Inc.
Amazing insight on the importance of story metrics and attribution.
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