responsivness. teamwork. collaboration. creativity. taking chances. fresh thinking.

Find and promote more examples of what your organization stands for with GoodSeeker


An elegent and simple story generator

Tap words to capture examples of the things you and the people around you do to make an impact at work. Include people from outside your organization like customers, partners, vendors, contractors, etc.


A culture booster and employment brand builder

Everyone named gets notified. They can comment and add others who played a role so no one gets left out. Publish it on your company's internal page. Tag it as one you think should be shared on online.


A meaningful and portable employee benefit

All of the stories you author or get named in are yours forever. It's a way to chronicle your positive impact, build your resume and develop a genuine personal brand.

What's in it for my organization?

When you help employees see the positive impact of their efforts you can turn them into champions for your culture and ambassadors of your brand. Everyone wins.

Be a leader in the workplace revolution and talent magnet.

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With GoodSeeker you can …

Connect employees to your mission, purpose and values.

Engage employees as advocates for your brand.

Help employees build their authentic personal brand.

Curate and promote stories about your culture online.

Charge up your teams and make employees proud.

Build a library of workplace stories that set you apart.